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Recent Topics

Imp's T-Mod Application

Staff Application Yesterday, 08:01 PM
IGN: Imp Age: 17 Time Zone: Central time zone Times you will be on: Around 3:15-11 PM (most nights) Position seeking?: T-Mod Server Play Time: 1w 1d 08h 34m 50s Do You Have Experience As Staff?: Yes, I was moderator at one point (retired due to issues at home) What Is Your Current Rank On The Ser...
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Ghostsenpai's Mod Application

Staff Application Yesterday, 01:59 PM
IGN: GhostSenpai Age: 19 Time Zone: EST Times you will be on: 12-4 most days. i get on late night depending on work as well Position seeking?: Moderator Server Play Time: 1w 3d 7h Do You Have Experience As Staff?: Moderated 2 other servers as i said on my T-Mod app (Influx Effect and Denkin Donut...
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Modernsexy Power Abusive D:

Guilty 03 Feb 2016
IGN: ninjabatman MY STEAM ID: STEAM_0:0:142623477 MY STEAM PROFILE LINK: http://steamcommunit...561198247512682 DATE: 2/3/16 TIME: 21:30 eastern THEIR IGN: ModernSexy THEIR STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:55979181 THEIR STEAM PROFILE LINK: http://steamcommunit...561198072224091 WHAT HAPPENED: once opon a tim...
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Ban Appeals 03 Feb 2016
Nickname: ExoticJosh SteamID: 0:1:156060115 How long are you banned for: A month What were you banned for?: Being Annoying Who banned you: Ninite When were you banned?: 2/3/2016 Do you belive you are in the wrong?: Yes I dont know how im being annoying If unbanned will you continue to break the r...
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Exotic Kitty's Application For T-Mod Minecraft Server

Staff Application 02 Feb 2016
IGN:Exotic Kitty or Tiny Mew Age:17 Time Zone: EST Times you will be on: 5-10 Hours a day  Position seeking?:T-Mod Server Play Time: 1w 6d 22h 57m Do You Have Experience As Staff?:Yes What Is Your Current Rank On The Server?:Elder Do You Have A Mic?:No STEAM ID:STEAM_0:0:107527517 STEAM Comm...
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