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Staff Application

General Today, 02:30 AM
Staff Application     Age:11 I know most of the rules i have been t-mod on a server before 2 of my friends are co-owners on a server    and 1 of them was also a admin on kraken.  I think I should be a t-mod because I know most of the rules both of my friends have exp...
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I Am Greatly Sorry For What I Have Done

Ban Appeals 24 Nov 2015
Nickname: Marty McFly SteamID:STEAM_0:1:80167610 How long is your ban for?: Permanently What were you banned for?: RDM Who banned you?: REBORN DUCK When were you banned?: 10/3/2015 Do you believe you are in the wrong?: Yes I believe that what I did was very wrong - I RDM'ed a couple of people whe...
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My Apology To The Server.

General 24 Nov 2015
So when I returned the first day, I did some horrid actions. I abused my donor mod position, which I should have had stripped a long time ago, but due to the changes in the system and actions that were done only to HELP me when I was undergoing account issues, I had it still. I abused this power...
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Civ 5 Game

General 24 Nov 2015
Dannyphantom198 and I will be hosting a game of Civilization 5 tomorrow (Wednesday, November 25) at noon EST. The active DLC's will be Brave New World and Gods & Kings. It will be a Quick game, as we do have lives. Time Victory will also probably be on. If you are interested in playing, pleas...
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My T-Mod Application

Staff Application 24 Nov 2015
IGN:Nachobizznizz Age:11 Time Zone: Eastern Time Zone Times You Will Be On: 5:00 to 7:00 on the weekdays the times will be weird on the weekends Position Seeking: T-mod Server Play Time: 123 hrs Do You Have Experience As Staff: No What Is Your Current Rank On The Server: s.vet Do You Have A Mic:...
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